Mason Greer is an Iowa City born, LA residing Director, Assistant Director and Actor. His journey began at a young age where he took to creative writing. By the age of 14 he wrote his first fiction novel and by 16 he had it published. That same year his novel was turned into a curriculum option for the Minority Literature section under the Language Arts High School course. By his senior year his love for story telling adapted into visuals as he set his sights on pursuing a degree in film production.

While attending University he received multiple film festival awards and recognitions for his short films and even a publication in the New York Times for his mini documentary about racial injustices on college campuses. That same year he was invited to speak to a national podcast about his work and became an advocate for social justice around campus. This gave Mason the accolades to take on bigger projects. That same year Mason was hired by the University to develop two new documentaries of the same nature. The first film brought a highly praised group of civil rights protestors from that area together after 50 years to discuss past and future issues amongst minority students on campus. The latter film was a introduction film for all upcoming freshman to prepare them for diversity and inclusion on a majority white campus.

These two projects landed Mason the money to move out to Los Angeles where he quickly began producing projects and building a strong team of future collaborators. Mason’s work has landed him multiple film festival awards with in the US and Canada. Mason's film Through the Night gained a distribution deal to be included in an anthology series, appear on Direct TV and most recently sold for exclusive rights to Quentasia Studios. Mason now has a steady steam of work and continues to pursue bigger projects on both sides of the camera.