Lights Out

Writer/Director: Mason Greer

Director of Photography: Dante Yore

Genre: Drama/Music Video

Lights Out deals with the complexities of a child parent relationship when faced with hardships. A single mother must find a way to communicate to her young son the dynamics between her and his father after the father has been sentenced to a short term in prison.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 52 Weeks Film Festi
Semi-Finalist - jellyFEST - 2019.png
Through the Night

Writer/Director: Mason Greer

Director of Photography:  Dante Yore

Genre:  Horror/Thriller

Available for purchase on AMAZON as a part of the Meridian Release Group Horror Collective

Recently accepted a broadcast deal with Shorts TV.

LOGLINE: After being bitten by what people of this early apocalyptic world call “Half Deads,” Maggie finds herself at the mercy of a resident named Weston.  After seeing her physical state, Weston agrees to give her refuge in his home, if she can make it through the night.

Director: Mason Greer

Genre: Horror

A young man discovers that he has a supernatural connection to social media. By simply terminating their friend status, they find themselves dying from their deepest fears.

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One Drop Rule

Directors:  Mason Greer

Screenwriter:  Mason Greer

Genre:  Drama (short film)


When a group of student reporters try and report injustices happening on their own campus, they are shut down by the administration.  Will they stand up and fight for what they believe in, or become part of the problem?

One Drop Rule was a tribute to the students of the University of Northern Iowa and the Cedar Falls community for their modern day issues with race, equality, and the pursuit towards a better future.

Generation Z

Director:  Mason Greer

Company:  MZS Productions

Genre:  Webseries