My Story Packages

These packages are examples of formats to productions.  We can either use these formats or create our own.


This package is set up to be a straight forward confessional.  We will select a small group of students who have been effected by the environment of the campus and ask them a set of specifically designed questions that will prompt them to speak openly.  We will ensure honest answers by not allowing others to hear the answers of others or even the questions that they will receive before hand.   Once we have all of the interviews done, I will narrate the stories to give life to their answers and bring in an outside perspective that will help tie in all the elements of the campus environment and the relation to modern day social issues.

one on one

This package is designed to let the students narrate their own story.  The students will be set up to interview each other using questions that were prepared by myself.  The students will not know the questions before hand but will be asked to interview each other making the stories and the connections that much more personal.

This exercise is designed for the participants to learn something about a friend or complete stranger that they might not get the chance to ever know.  It also is designed to show students that these types of conversations don't always have to be negative.


If one thing is for certain it is that history repeats itself.  This is why it is so important to tell stories about the past and how mistakes can be avoided for the future.  With this package we bring in historical leaders from your community and capture their story round table style.  Their voices will be the narration for a mini documentary capturing the rich history of the campus.


Human beings are natural story tellers and are drawn to characters we see on screen, even ones that are fictional.  This package will bring real life scenarios to life through fictional stories using actors that study at your University.

This exercise is the most unique and believed to be the most effective.  It's one thing to tell stories about your own personal experience, its a whole new challenge to hop into the shoes of another and truly bring to the screen a sense of compassion and truthfulness to a character.  The ultimate goal is for the actors and producers involved to be forced to step out of their own shoes and try and experience life from another perspective, and then of course for the finished product to have the same effect on the audience.

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