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When a group of student reports try and report injustices happening on their own campus, they are shut down by the administration.  Will they stand up and fight for what they believe in, or become part of the problem?

In life we are forced to wear these hideous masks that hide who we really are from the outside world.  What does your mask say about you?

Trigo Mobberz

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UNI Now--SAVE Project

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S.A.V.E is an organization at the University of Northern Iowa that promotes diversity and inclusion on campus.  For the freshman orientation we created an introduction for upcoming freshman and what to expect.

My Story Challenge

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An introduction to the My Story campaign being promoted to Universities across the Nation.

My Story--Confessions of a UNI Student

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This film was the start to the my story campaign and brought in attention from sources like, The New York Times, Hobson's Podcast and the Des Moines Register.

The Shelf

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In a world where Tinder dies and Badoo is obsolete, one app will rise above the rest and bring millennials closer together

Remember Me Not

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Mark believes his dementia stricken father is better off in a home, his sister Erin believes other wise. When the two siblings collide for the first time in years it raises the most important question, "What would dad have wanted?"

Taking Back the Narrative

RT: 26 min 53 sec

An active group of alumni return to their campus to share the true story of their narrative and their fight for equality in the 70's.  During their interview we find similarities between racial issues in two different generations.

Through the Night
Seed and Spark Teaser
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This video serves as promotional material for the film in production "Through the Night". visit for more info about the project and how to contribute.

Through the Night (Official Trailer 2017)
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